Monday, October 27, 2014

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Friday, September 19, 2014

No Good Thing is Ever Witheld...UNLESS The good thing has to make way for something that is the ABSOLUTE BEST!!!

The picture above is a reminder to me about how great the Most High God/Goddess/The Universe, known by many names is to me. At the end of a phenomenal and life-changing week of The Matrona Quantum Midwifery for Women of Color in Atlanta last April. I learned so many things that will change my life FOREVER!!! I was in the midst of so many phenomenal women who are all gifted and beautiful in so many ways and I learned from the inspirational and eye-opening instruction of Whapio Barlette who was assisted by Terry and Tolewa, all seasoned midwives of Matrona. I am thankful to Whapio, Terry, and Tolewa who made it possible that we all could gather with the wonderful and positive energy for the week through their vision and work. One of the lessons I will never forget was when we were closing out the week and we had all been instructed to bring something that we loved dearly to give as a gift on our final day of intensive training sessions. 

While I was choosing what to bring, I had such a hard time figuring out what to give and preparing myself to let go. I had chosen a beautiful beaded necklace of Tiger's Eye stone that I made and wore religiously during a transitional time in my life shortly after my divorce, traveling to Nigeria, West Africa for the first time and branching out as a business woman, healer, teacher and now a birthworker. I LOVED that necklace dearly and wasn't certain if I was ready to part with it but, I knew that the gift must be sacraficial...and it was!

We all laid our gifts on the table. SiStars ooh'd and ahh'd over the choice items, including myself. I had one piece in mind that I KNEW that I wanted so intensely. It was a silver cuff bracelette. I LOVE jewelry and silver at that (the value of silver is continually rising). The time to begin the ceremony approached and when one woman picked a gift, the person who brought the gift would come forward and share a story about it or even why they loved it and chose to part with it at this time. After that, the next person would go to choose her gift and so on... 

SiStar after siStar went up, made her choice, told her story, danced, sang, allowing Spirit to move. I was anxious for my turn to come. Was my dear necklace not desireable? How could anyone know how much it meant to me. Maybe I should have chosen somthing else? My fellow siStars picked all around the table and did not choose the desired one I held in my heart nor the one I offered as a gift siStar must have noticed the value of the silver cuff as I did. She picked it up for herself and placed it on her wrist. It was a perfect fit for her. I was crushed for a moment. Then I had to check myself and let it go. 

The point was not in the receiving but, in the giving and sharing of energy, love, release, and new beginnings. I was sharing in the joys of each siStar and her new found a treasure. I focused my mind and heart as I listened to the stories of how the new treasures fit into the journeys that lie ahead for each one. Time continues on and one after another takes her turn and shares. We sing, laugh, cry, dance, pray, all wishing for each siStar that her hopes, dreams, and leaps forward into the transformative abyss of the unknown future that lies ahead be fulfilled in the highest and most beautiful way. Occassionally my attention turns to the nearly empty table. I don't see anything that catches my eye. I surrender that I did NOT get what I desired and hoped for.  I chose to be happy anyway. Happy for the moment. Happy for the experience, the joys of coming together, learning, changing...continuously deepening my connection to myself, life, nature, spirit, birth, and rebirth.

My necklace finally gets chosen. I finally get to share what it has meant to me. I share how much love, positive, and transformative energy has gone into it. I prayed that the siStar can know peace through whatever she may encounter on the road of life. Now, I must make a choice for myself from what remains for me. I don't see much but, suddenly a small and unassuming plain white box with no wrapping catches my eye. I don't know what it could be but, I pick it up. How could one even notice it among all of the glittering objects that were there before? Do I open it now in front of everyone or do I wait until later??? My siStars urge me to open it up. I must not be the only curious one in the group. I open up the box slowly and the siStar, Terry Boles tells me about each piece in the box.

1) The double tipped clear quartz stone was a gift that she received by Whapio who is my respected wholistic child birth and midwifery instructor. I couldn't believe it!  2) The silver ankh was gifted to her by Queen Afua, a respected healer and author who means so much to me and catalysed my journey of self-healing. Terry recieved this when she helped her around town for one of her visits. I have to try to contain myself! 3) The smooth amethyst was held, rubbed and gifted by a granny midwife who had delivered numerous healthy children. Wow! I am near tears. 4) Finally, the glass vial of sand is from the Karnak Temple in Luxor (also gifted from Whapio)!!! Jackpot!!!!! Every gift held so much significance and meaning to me as a changing woman, birth worker, healer, and light worker. I learned that when I release my gifts sacraficially with love and set my sights on what I want (silver cuff bracelette)...which may be very nice but, it may not be the very best that there is for me. No good thing is withheld from me unless it must make way for what is for my very BEST!  In this case, I had to release the beautiful silver cuff bracelette. I am sure the siStar who chose it still wears it beautifully and proud (at least I hope so). However, my best was hiding in a plain white box and overlooked by EVERYONE! Even moreso, I received such a beautiful and valuable lesson for me to carry the rest of my life and to share with those who are willing to receive the blessings of this experience. 

Life is continual refinement of my character and elevation of my spirit. I move forth with openness and love knowing that all is working to fulfill what is in my greatest and highest good. Ase!!!  So if I don't get whatever it is that I have momentarily desired, I should not fret, dispair or feel any kind of way but, be joyful in others' happiness and have comfort in the knowing that even better is awaiting my discovery or arrival in God(dess)'s Divine and Perfect Time, just like my Igbo name, Ogechi!!! 

  • Ogechi is Igbo for God's Time. Ogechi was given to me as a name while I was in Nigeria, West Africa and holds tremendous meaning for me even today. 

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Opening the Way of the Neteru: Hapi


by Aura Agape

Depending on the source, Hapi is the body, essence, spirit, inundation (flooding) of the river, Nile itself. Hapi is significant in his importance as the Nile itself is the world's longest waterway, without which the Two Lands of Kemet (Egypt) would cease to exist. The Nile floods annually depositing precious nutrient-rich silt along the banks of the Nile that flows from the tropical rains hundreds of mils south in sub-Sahara Africa in the highlands of Uganda and Ethiopia.  All that is needed to sustain life, from fertile plant vegetation to the first civilization that is accounted for on this planet, flows from the Nile.

Hapi is one of Heru's Four Sons and guardians of the canopic jars of the deceased. Hapi guards the canopic jar that contain the lungs. Hapi is represented by the baboon canopic jar. Nebt-Het protects Hapi as he protects the lungs of the deceased. Also like Nebt-Het, Hapi has no known temple which has been specifically dedicated to him.

Hapi is depicted with a round belly and prominent breasts. Usually holding one or two plants. The Papyrus thrives in the marshes of Lower Kemet and the Lotus thrives along the banks of Upper Kemet. The symbolism of Hapi holding both plants indicate the support of both regions.

An alternate depiction of Hapi is shown pouring two vases of water which also indiccates the support of the Two Lands.

Hapi is also depicted as twins. Hapi of Lower Kemet was named Hap-Meht with the papyri on his head and Hapi of Upper Kemet was named Hap-Reset with the Lotus on his head. The twin Hapis tying two plants in a knot symbolizes the unification of the Two Lands (Smai Twai). 

Now there is a bit of confusion when I look among the current information of "Egyptologist" that is available today. I see an attempt to correct a "mistake". I remember learning in grade school about ancient Egypt (Kemet) in Social Studies and World history and one thing that always stuck with me was that while learning of all of the wonderful achievements and phenomenon of this great and powerful society of people, Upper Egypt was in the South and Lower Egypt in the North. Now some teachers tried to laugh it off like they did not know up from down but, as I contemplated further, it made sense to me that since all life, knowledge, commerce, etc...flowed from the Nile, it would be so important to look UP to the SOURCE of where this beautiful gift in what is otherwise a dessert flowed!!! Now put on your thinking cap and what does that tell you?  

Now that's a change of perspective! Wow!

Now, according to Akhenaton, the waters of the Nile depend on light. It was light that controlled the rhythm of the inundation (flooding) and light comes from Aten, the Sun itself. Therefore Aten created Hapi. The inundation is marked by the Summer Solstice/Kemetic New Year. This time is also marked by the appearance of the Sirius star system that shines the brightest in the night sky over Kemet during this time. 

Sepdet, the goddess that personified Sirius appeared annually during the time of the Solstice to herrald the time of the coming inundation of the Nile. The first new moon following the appearance of Sepdet marked the Kemetic New Year. Even if the inundation or Hapi has made its presence known by the rising of the waters or not, it is sure to soon come. Sepdet was seen as both goddess of inundation and fertility and thus came to be viewed as a manifestation of Auset. There is a powerful connection between the appearance of Sirius star system and the coming of Hapi (inundation). The Hapi is associated with the purifying life-giving Nile water (the breaking of Mother Auset's waters).

Additional Sources:

Friday, August 15, 2014

Opening The Way of the Neteru: Nebt Het

Nebt Het

by Aura Agape

A.K.A. Nephthys, Lady of the House, Mistress of the House, Lady of the Body of the Gods, Dweller within Senu, Lady of Heaven, Mistress of the Gods, Great Goddess, Lady of Life, Sister of the God, Eye of Ra, Mistress of the Two Lands, The Creative Goddess who Liveth within An

As I learn more about African (Kemetic) Spirituality and the practices of prayer, hesi, ritual and ceremony I am charged to learn more about the Neteru (nature spirits/dieties/gods/goddesses/various aspects of the Most High). I learned about the netert Nebt Het first as I journeyed through the gateways with my SiStar Circle as outlined by Queen Afua in her life-changing book, Sacred Woman in 2007. I truly learned what it meant to be "Lady of the House" as I journeyed through this gateway and my home became a sacred palace! Every aspect of my home became a sacred space as I purified it through clearing, cleansing, prayers, singing, feng shui, etc...I went all out and I could really see and feel the difference! My husband (at the time) and guests that would visit could feel the difference as well. However, I went through the gateways still knowing little about Nebt Het herself, other than that she is the sister of Auset and wife of Set and she was loyal as a sister and friend to help collect the scattered remains of Ausar and reassemble his parts to ressurect him back to life. It was a true display of sister-hood if I ever saw one! Nebt Het truly displayed the divine art of cooperation, which is very much in line with the principles of Maat.

Nebt Het, much like Maat, brings forth truth, balance, justice, order (within and without). She wears a crown on  her head that represents her divine house (be it in the sky or house for the divine body-temple) topped with a bowl of water for purification. She carries an Ankh in her right hand and extends her left for healing and blocking negativity from the righteous ones.

I am sure that there is still much for me to learn but, I what I know at this present moment is that Nebt Het is more of a title rather than a name. However, she is daughter of Geb and Nut. Sister of Ausar and Auset. Wife of Set. Mother of Anpu (Anubis) by Ausar. I find it interesting that her one offspring was not with her husband Set but, rather with Ausar.

I learned from my esteemed teacher and founder of the Ra Sekhi Arts Temple, Rekhit Kajara Nia Yaa Nebthet, that Nebt Het is associated with what is unseen, intuition, the dreams state. Incidentally, Nebt Het would be associated with the Mer arit (1st eye) or more popularly known as the third eye. Also from my search it seems that there are no known temples errected for Nebt Het. However, it does seem fitting since Nebt Het does represent the invisible, unseen aspects of life-death. 

Nebt Het is associated with funerary rituals throughout Kemetic history and today is venerated not as Death itself, but as the companion who gives guidance to the newly deceased, and as a "Lady with Wings" who comforts the living relatives of the deceased. Nebt Het is associated with death but, also with life that springs forth into existence from death (reproduction, regeneration, rebirth, ressurection). This is demonstrated when Nebt Het helped Auset prepare Ausar's funeral bed, make swathings for his body and ressurected Ausar to new life by chanting hesi over where his body lay, which caused Heru the warrior Sun, to be immaculately conceived and born. Nebt Het is the Mighty One of Words of Power. Ausar rose again with the Sun each day afterwards. So just as the "Lady of Life" is fittingly present as one enters and exits the realm of the living. She is present to offer her comfort. Her presence offers comfort during birth and helping with the birth of newborn children. She is also a comfort to the newly departed and the relatives of the deceased. So with every end there is a gateway to a new beginning especially if Nebt Het is at your side...and thus is the circle of life. 

Additional sources used: 
Sacred Woman: A Guide to Healing the Feminine Body, Mind, and Spirit

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Yes, Your Child Will Eat and Enjoy Vegetables!

 By Aura Agape, Wholistic Wellness Consultant, Master Herbalist

Are you having trouble getting your child to eat their fruits and veggies?  Instead of nagging, try demonstrating. I have no problem getting children to eat and enjoy vegetables that are in my care and presence. I don’t force or scold them. I just show them how much I enjoy eating my own and then I start on theirs (sometimes).  I thoroughly enjoy the flavors of raw, juicy, and crunchy fruits and vegetables.  It doesn’t hurt to eat them with your fingers too. I know that it is not proper western etiquette to eat a meal, even a portion of it with your fingers but, when you are working with a toddler or small child, it is more important to demonstrate how delicious vegetables can be.  Usually, even a child that is a fan of veggies will ask to try for themselves when they see how much I am really enjoying my food.  I see that they even ask for seconds!
As I take each bite I tell them not only how yummy they are but, how they help us to be healthy and strong. We all want to grow up to be healthy and strong don’t we? I like to throw in a statement that my auntie would tell me about carrots, “…it makes you pretty!”  After that statement was made, carrots became my new favorite! She didn’t lie either. Carrots do help aid healthy skin, hair and nails and that helps beauty doesn’t it?

Many children like crunch. Crunch is fun.  If your child enjoys chips, crackers, nuts, and other crunchy snacks then consider providing raw or lightly steamed vegetables. Fresh is always best.  Dehydrated and frozen fruits and vegetables are also good options. Finally, canned foods are my personal final choice that I consider best used in emergency situations.

It also helps to share your meals. Any meal that is shared instantly tastes better. Sit down and eat together. Too often in our busy so-called modern lifestyles, we forsake the dinner table. Children like to feel included and to a child, eating off in a corner by themselves is considered a punishment and that is not appetizing. Also eating in front of the television is not going to encourage them to form healthy habits either. I understand the occasional need to put on their favorite video and hand them a healthy snack but, when introducing new foods or encouraging a healthy habit, it is best done face-to-face in an inclusive setting. Eating habits are adopted by those who your child shares meals with. If you are not sharing meals then who is influencing your child(ren)’s eating habits?

Be Consistent. This may take discipline on YOUR part. With any regimen, consistency is key. Keep in mind that this may need to be revisited.

One final note before I conclude: Do NOT make any negative statements or expressions. Just because you did not like it as a child may not be the case for the child that you are introducing positive habits to. Children are smarter than many give them credit for. They can tell if you are selling something that you don't even buy yourself. How can you expect them to do what you won't do yourself? If you have healthy habits and are there to model and share in the experience, your child(ren) will too. Make sure that you or any other adult is mindful not to make any faces or statements about the food being offered that is contradictory to anything other than this is delicious. If you eat it and think that it is nasty then you need to examine your own beliefs about food and why you feel that way. If it is truly unappetizing then it is best prepare it a different way for improved texture or flavor.  Make it fun. Make it colorful. Make it tasty.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Spring Equinox 24 Hour Global Fast with Queen Afua Online Teleconference

I am one of the Ra Sekhi Arts Temple Healers that are representing on the call as Queen Afua, The First Family of Healthy Living Institute present Spring Equinox 24 Hour Global Fast online teleconference. 

Join in as Ifadunke Olayemi, Aura Agape (myself), & Mut Shat Shemsut Gianprem will be on at the 9:30pm slot for 24 Hour Global Fast Global Online Teleconference or Call in Conference# 559-726-1300 access code #948883 Listen in as healers all over the world come together and share their knowledge and wisdom to bring healing to the world.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Recipes for Elevation gets a Shining Review!!!

This has been an Spectacular Day. It is the day of the Black Super New Moon (2nd new moon in one month). Wonderful things are manifesting NOW and I would like to share with you.

Please share with me the happiness I am feeling with the publication of a book I have co-authored titled Recipes for Elevation.

What role does food play in spiritual elevation?     

From Ra Sekhi Arts Temple practitioners and masters of Kemetic reiki comes this unique book of vegetarian, vegan and raw food recipes blended with instructions for herbal remedies and spiritual baths.  Whether already enjoying a plant and fruit based lifestyle or just beginning one, I believe you will find this book relevant, assessable, and very helpful. Descriptions and explanations are given as to why alkaline food consumption is good for us.  My co-authors and I identify foods of high and low vibration, as well as extol the benefits of fasting.  We believe that a healthy diet is a pathway leading to optimal wellness—that creates favorable conditions for attaining spiritual enlightenment and elevation.

Authored by Ra Sekhi Arts Temple, by Mut Shat Shemsut, by Mut Kajara Nia Yaa Nebthet, by Aura Agape, by Qamarah Muhammad El Shamesh, by Aqseshsha Asu-at, by Tabia Khet Ra Maat, by Nova Kafele, and with cover art by Itiyopiya Ewart

Well, today I received some wonderful news in the form of an email today. A letter from Queen Afua was forwarded to me from one my Ra Sekhi siStars, Mut Shat today regarding a Recipes for Elevation, which is a recipe book that I co-authored with seven siStars of the Ra Sekhi Arts Temple. It said the following:

"Recipes for Elevation from beginning to end is an extraordinary work of seven sisterhood women. They are in harmony, sharing their various healing tools, from herbal tonics to spiritual baths, to food as medicine, to restore women and men. These women I call Ast and Nbt Het Ra (light) and Shu (breath) workers. These master Kemetic Reiki teachers, herbalist, chiefs and midwives offer us alternative medicine with which to heal ourselves. As I read through the various chapters I was ushered to the ancient healers, woman of antiquity, as these women recall for the reader a pathway home to wholeness. Seven powerful healing partners, “shining beings dwelling in light”, sent to the people to uplift, change, renew and elevate humanity with nature’s recipes—a gift of knowledge, a gift of life, a love supreme."

Queen Afua, Mut Nebt Het

If you are interested in purchasing Recipes for Elevation please copy and paste the following link to place your order today $12.95 + shipping and handling = $15.95

or email to request your copy.